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11 charming cities and villages

3 sea resorts, 2 most beautiful villages of France, 5 cross-border villages with Spain !
Ahetze Sare Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle Saint-Jean-de-Luz Guethary Ciboure Biriatou Ascain Arbonne Ainhoa Urrugne


Ahetze, a small basque village to discover!

Discover this village surrounded by Basque houses in the middle of verdant hillsides. This ancient stop of the pilgrims of Compostela has retained a surprising configuration with the church of St. Martin and its cemetery perched on a small promontory. The church is made up of a spectacular bell-tower with two unequal bays and contains an 18th century altarpiece, a virgin and a statue of Santiago. In the cemetery, discoidal stelae are...

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A pearl, to visit absolutely!

Surrounded by mountains, Sare, in the Basque Country, is ranked among the most beautiful villages in France. With its 36 kilometers of frontier, this French enclave sinks into Spanish Navarre. We are here in full smuggling territory. Espadrilles, animals, ball bearings or lace, many inhabitants of Sare passed goods from one side of the border to the other, following the yard of products. The built heritage of Sare...

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Hiking, swimming, hiking ... the village in the heart of nature!

Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle is a charming village of 5 200 inhabitants where it is pleasant to stay. A rich heritage presents itself elegantly alongside beautiful labourdine residences. More than 100 kms of marked trails will delight walkers and mountain bikers. The lake, its sandy beach and its supervised swimming, offers many activities: canoeing, kayaking, pedal boats, games for...

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A royal city to discover all the year!

Saint-Jean-de-Luz: a bay, a fishing port, a pedestrian heart and animations all year round. For a weekend or a holiday, in couple or family, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is an authentic city with a particularly rich past. The marriage of Louis XIV with the Infanta Maria Theresa of Austria was in 1660 one of the major dates of the history of this city. Born of the sea, Saint-Jean-de-Luz has been the center of whaling. Today,...

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A lovely village for surf fans!

In its wooded setting, at the bend of its architecture and its panorama, this preserved case will unveil a unique charm.​ Guéthary, the smallest village on the Basque coast, is located between Biarritz...

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Ciboure, its beauty inspires painters!

The fort, the splendid facades of the houses on the quays, a preserved natural environment and a remarkable situation on the bay make Ciboure a village of artists to discover. Your holiday in Ciboure will be a unique opportunity to discover the rich history of this old...

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Biriatou, a village where it is good to live.

Biriatou is a typical village with steep streets where it is good to live, and in which one combines at leisure, relaxation, good cuisine and sport. It is a village classified as a Registered Site for more than 60...

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Ascain, a village at the foot of the Basque mountain.

This charming Basque village is crossed by the Nivelle. It is dominated by three summits: Bizkarzun, Esnaur and La Rhune, famous summit from where the panorama is amazing. In the center of the village, the fronton and the trinquet recall that Ascain has seen many champions of pelota grow. Near the fronton, Pierre Loti referred to the Hotel de la Rhune...

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Arbonne in the Basque Country, a typical labourdin village.

The village of Arbonne is located 6 kms from the beaches. In the Middle Ages, Arbonne was the summer residence of the bishops of Bayonne. Today it is a residential village. The church, the cemetery and the benoîterie are registered in the inventory of historical monuments. The village is made up of many houses with purely traditional facades. Pushed by the increase of its...

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One of the most beautiful villages of France!

A former trade relay on the road to Compostela, Ainhoa is characterized by the originality of its architecture, the beauty of its natural environment, its tradition of hospitality, and its gastronomic reputation. Situated between the Nive Valley and the Navarra border, Ainhoa is ranked among the most beautiful villages in France. This 13th century bastide-street, created to welcome pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela, combines the...

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Many walks, from Urrugne in the neighborhoods!

Urrugne, charming village of the Basque Country, has the peculiarity of being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. Originally, the parish of Urrugne occupied all the lands located between the Nivelle and the Bidassoa. Currently, the commune of Urrugne extends on nearly five thousand hectares between La Rhune and Socoa. A stay in Urrugne will be an opportunity to discover the history of this village, rich in its...

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Saint Jean de Luz, in the southwest of France, on the Basque Coast, near Biarritz and the Spanish border. At 2 hours by car from Bordeaux, and 3 from Toulouse. At 5 hours from Paris-Montparnasse in T.G.V.
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