The Basque small business sector

The basque touch !

In the Land and the Basque Coast, a functional object becomes a work of art.

From basque linen to espadrilles, instruments from Basque pelota to saski (traditional basket): the creations are local but above all original.​

The Basque linen comes from the mantis, a striped linen cloth whose oxen were covered to protect them. Thin linens, tablecloths or tea towels were made with finer canvases. Despite cotton competition and industrialization, this tradition of weaving has continued.


It is the stripes that characterize the Basque linen whose 7 color bands symbolize the 7 provinces of the Basque Country. Beyond the tablecloths and linens, there are towels, bags, cushions. Excellent quality, Basque craft linen will necessarily adapt to your interior.


In Basque Country & Coast, you can discover 2 sites related to Basque linen:


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