Coast walk

One of Mother Nature's best-known tunes is an air-rock and iodine with savory flavors that you can smell while traveling along the coastal path.

This road of a little more than 20 km crosses the coast of Guéthary until Hendaye passing by the Hill of St barbe in Saint Jean de Luz and the famous Basque Corniche in Urrugne.

On the way, Mother Nature has reserved for you beautiful surprises for the eyes but do not forget to also open your ears. You will be able to listen to the sound of waves crashing on the Basque cornice such as the giant wave Belharra, hear the pebbles rolling against each other in the coming and going of the current, perceive the cry of the gulls above your heads ... Will have to listen carefully to catch the almost inaudible sound of your footsteps on the beaches.

Usually, following the coastal path is not very complicated! You can take it anywhere. However think about the return, by foot, by train or by bus. Good shoes will suffice.

 Advice :

Do this in the Guéthary - Hendaye direction to enjoy the views of the mountains.
Think of one thing: it will be necessary to come back! To do this, use the train or the bus.
At the level of the domain of Abbadia the path of the littoral crosses a zone of high environmental protection where your pet will not be accepted!

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