Fill your stomach with Basque cuisine!

Basque gastronomy is known for its generosity and quality. Enter to the backstage of the many specialties of Basque cuisine.

The cooks of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Ciboure will make you discover the best "ttoro", a traditional soup of the Basque fishermen similar to the Provençal bouillabaisse. There are hake, conger, monkfish, scorpionfish, crustaceans and shellfish. Originally, this fisherman's stew was prepared on the boa. Another fairly close recipe is "marmitako", a tuna-based stew that also prepared at sea.

In Ainhoa and Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, we produce Espelette pepper which will be used to make the "piperade". The name of this typical dish comes from the Basque word "biper" meaning pepper. The peppers and the onion are fried and then mixed with the tomatoes to obtain a sauce. The whole is usually served with slices of fried ham. The "axoa" is an another Basque specialty. It is a stew made from veal and pepper spiced with Espelette pepper.

Before going to sweet things, we propose a cheese break with the inevitable "ardi gasna", the raw cheese of sheep raw milk (AOC). In order to rinse your palate and continue the tasting, here is a glass of "sagarno", literally apple wine. Cider or sagarno is the emblematic drink of the Basque Country. Basque cider is often called natural because unlike the other varieties of the hexagon, its very slight effervescence is obtained without addition of carbon dioxide. Very refreshing, its titration of alcohol varies between 4 and 6 degrees. Having lost almost all its sugar, it is relatively dry and bitter.

Our gustative walk will end with sweets. The traditional "basque cake" is made from a pastry sanded with almonds. It is served with cream or black cherry jam. The macaroon is made of almond paste, sugar and egg white beaten. The mouchous, are crispy cakes with a crispy crusty flavor.

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