By train

 Crossing the Basque Coast in 30 minutes is possible! 

With the TER Aquitaine, three lines are proposed to cross the Basque Country

Linne 61 : Hendaye - Dax -  Bordeaux witch serve Hendaye Plage, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Guéthary, Biarritz and Bayonne 

Line 65 : Bayonne - Pau - Tarbes which serve Puyoo and Lourdes

Line 62 : Bayonne - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port which serve Cambo-les-Bains

+ informations here :  +33 (0) 800 872 872 (Monday-Friday, 06:30am-7:30pm);




 Go to Spain with the Topo, direction San Sebastián

 From the train station of Hendaye, the little blue train, called "Topo" (sort of aerial train), criss-crosses the Spanish Basque Country all year round. Hendaye enjoys a daily connection with the large city of San Sebastián. This prestigious seaside resort is served in 35 minutes.

Departure from Hendaye parking of the train station every 30 minutes, every 3rd and 33rd minute of every hour, except the first morning train leaving at 06:47 on weekdays: 06:47, then 07:03, 07:33, 08:03, and so on. On Saturday, the first train leaves at 08:03, Sunday at 07:03 (more informations at the station for public holidays).

Last departure from Hendaye at 10:33pm, from San Sebastián to 10:30, every day except Saturday night (return every 2 hours from midnight).
During the Semana Grande (week of August 15), feasts of San Sebastián, the Topo circulates all night!

 You can also go with the Topo to Bilbao in 3:17.
 Domestic animals tolerated under certain strict conditions (kept on a lead, without occupying a seat, without a dangerous character). Ask at the counter or contact Euskotren (by e-mail or phone) to make sure you can get on board with your pet.

+ informations here :  +34 902 54 32 10 ;;

 The route calculator

Find the ideal route by consulting the information portal, which lists all cross-border transport offers. Available in 3 languages (French, Spanish, Basque), this site also offers a route calculator for rail transport on the Bayonne / San Sebastián coastline.

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