Rain is good for crops! And if now, rain, it was also good for culture? Take advantage of monuments, museums and art galleries, as if it were raining!

Visitors often exclaim "What is green here! ". The basque, will answer: "Thank you rain". Here, bad weather never lasts long, so do not sulk! There is a lot to do even under a capricious sky. Here is a selection of activities to discover in rainy weather.

 What to do on rainy days in the Basque Country?

 Hsitorically, men have sheltered themselves from bad weather. Prehistoric men occupied the Grottoes of Sare. You will discover the majesty of the places through a visit in sounds and lights. 

maison-louis-XIV-saint-jean-de-luz Millenniums later, prestigious castles and houses that have seen history passed by have been built. Louis XIV and the Infanta of Spain were housed in the Lohobiague Enea house during their marriage in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in 1660. In memory, the house open to the visit is now called Maison Louis XIV.

 At the same time at Sare a shipowner built Ortillopitz. This heritage testifies to life in the seventeenth century. The families took the name of the house they occupied. The Ortillopitz House will make you discover the importance of the house in Basque culture.

 In the 19th century, to study the stars while enjoying an exceptional view, the explorer and scientist Antoine d'Abbadie, had the Abbadia Observatory Castle built in Hendaye. Built against the ocean, this Irish-style castle with its stone-faced façade is surprisingly original. The visit allows to discover the astronomical observatory, the different rooms and a rich decoration, reflecting the unusual personality of the owner.

Leave your umbrellas at the entrance to the art galleries. The Basque country is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for local artists and creators. Proudly preserved, Basque culture is not at the very least alive and creative. The temporary exhibitions of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Guéthary and the art galleries will surprise you with the originality, the humor and the character of the works presented.

You will also be able to shelter in the boutiques or artisanal factories to discover local know-how whose reputation is not to be done! These artisans follow the fashion revisit the authentic espadrilles, embroider of the leatherwork to the purified design and give a new youth to the rustic Basque linen.

 Tasting and direct sales on the farm

Basque cuisine is an institution! From the white tablecloths of the great restaurants to the more traditional restaurants, it is true that in the Basque country, we eat well and good. Some producers open their doors to the public; A unique opportunity to discover some secrets during the many gourmet visits and tastings. Of course, we can take advantage of it to stock up on regional Basque products.

 Shopping under the rain

Not really cultural but when it rains, we also do shopping. Discover those in Terre & Côte Basques and if you make an exit in Spain, think to stop in the ventas of the border.

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